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We understand that you have lost money at times in the past betting on the NBA, as so have we. We also understand it takes a lot of time to do research to come up with profitable plays and your time can be better spent on doing other things you enjoy. At NBA Genius we do all the research and number crunching for you, provide plays which are profitable with a solid ATS win percentage so that main markets (lines and totals) can be beaten and deliver these tips to you in a timely, market leading manner. We also find opportunities for you in player prop markets and also provide middling and arbitrage bets. You are in safe hands and remember, if we don't show a winning month during the period you are subscribed, your next subscription is on us.

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NBA Genius, should be changed to NBA God.. and he shall smite betting agencies across the world. Seriously though started with $30 in my account, now have over $800 in a week and a half..

- Robbie De Haan